Wednesday July 18, 2012: “So girl, whatchu doin Tuesday night?”

Sweaty post-WOD smiles from the Tuesday night Nomad crew. You guys rock!!

I was late. There was an accident on the Pulaski Skyway and another on 78 west, right as you got on in Newark (sidenote: instead of 20″ rims, a loud muffler, and tints maybe you should consider checking your tire pressure and coolant level, jackass). Driving through Motown didn’t help my blood pressure, either. Thankfully, blasting “Radiation Vibe” by Fountains of Wayne did.

Imagine my surprise when I rolled up and saw 20 Nomad peeps on the track, ready to throw down! The WOD was simple but effective.

800m run
100 double unders
100 sit ups
100 plank presses
800m run

Warm up and mobility were simple. One lap to warm the engine, some glute bridges and cat-camel stretches to further prime it, and some discussion on mechanics (yes there are mechanics in everything including running) and scaling options.

Tonight reinforced how lucky I am in terms of my CrossFit career. I’m part of three awesome families.

  • My Nomad Athletics crew: Goddamn. You guys bring a smile to my face whenever we WOD. Borne from the ashes of my departure from Motown, your hard work, dedication, but (most importantly) friendships mean the world to me. Thank you for everything!
  • CrossFit Hoboken: I can’t say enough about this place. Craig, the crew, and community welcomed me with open arms. The energy Hoboken exudes is contagious; y’allz rock each and every WOD. Thank you!
  • CrossFit Lake Arrowhead: LET’S. FUCKIN’. PLAY. !!!

Lucky? Hell yeah I am. Thankful. You’re Goddamn right. Satisfied? Not by a long shot. A student I will always be.

Hit life hard today! WAR HAMMER.
Mike D



About Mike D

I love CrossFit, being outdoors, cycling, music, football (no team in particular), and futbol (Manchester United and the Portuguese National Team).
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