Friday August 10, 2012: Labwork

Even those that seem the most confident harbour strains of self-doubt. Defy the negative self-talk. Defy your demons and conquer them.

Sometimes, the best therapy is a quiet gym, a barbell, and good music.

Late evening, at CrossFit Hoboken.  Working in the back room, getting stronger, driving demons from my heart and mind, honing my craft.

A simple night of back squats, power cleans, and sumo deadlift high pulls.  There is something cleansing about hard work.

As a coach, it is through serving others that I receive some of my greatest satisfaction; it is a feeling of redemption, if you will. I also seek redemption through sweat, some pain, and a little blood.

“The job will not save you.”

I have learned this truth the hard way.  It will not save you.  But, it can provide some catharsis.  For this, and for you, I am thankful.

Love ya Nomads,
Mike D

Am I an innovator? Hardly. Few true innovators exist. The ones that self-label themselves are no more than narcissistic posers unwilling to recognize that greatness is built on the shoulders of giants.
Me, an innovator? Hardly. A work in progress, forever a student: this I shall always be.



About Mike D

I love CrossFit, being outdoors, cycling, music, football (no team in particular), and futbol (Manchester United and the Portuguese National Team).
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