Always Move Forward (thanks Jon Ralph)


Steve fights through burpees

I wrote this piece a while back.  I feel that it’s fitting to repost it here, in Nomad Nation.


“Everything is wrong.”

He paces back and forth, straining to focus his thoughts and energy on the task at hand, occasionally peering at the loaded bar on the floor.  This would be a new clean PR, but right now the weight of the world rests on his shoulders.  The challenges of life outside the box feel heavier than the barbell before him.  At this moment, this is the most impossible of situations.

“Go to that bad place…take everything you feel and go to that bad place.”

The gray out begins.  The music begins to fade, vision narrows, his heart drumming at a steady pace. The tumult of life transforms from a distraction into a fountain of inspiration.

He accepts it.  He embraces it.

Walking to the bar, he sets up and grips it tightly.  Everything wrong: the pain, the frustration, the “whys” and the “why nots” have come down to this moment.  This is his release.  This is his Thermopylae.


The bar scrapes his shins.  Blood.  He is alive.  Mid-thigh: acceleration point.  Pockets.


His shoulders come up, his body goes down.  Elbows snap to attention.


In an instant, life makes sense again.

Pain.  Joy.  Competition.  Camaraderie.  Accomplishment.

What drives you during your WODs?


About Mike D

I love CrossFit, being outdoors, cycling, music, football (no team in particular), and futbol (Manchester United and the Portuguese National Team).
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