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I love CrossFit, being outdoors, cycling, music, football (no team in particular), and futbol (Manchester United and the Portuguese National Team).

Are You With Me?

I wrote this a long time ago…it’s been almost 3 years since it was originally posted. But, the words ring clearly to this day. I’m going to bleed today. I’m saying this without bravado. It’s a matter of fact. I’m … Continue reading

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Thirty Three

I’m 33 years old.  HOLY SHIT.  How the hell did that happen?  Thirty three..!!   Life goes by way too fast.  I’m guilty of getting caught up in things that don’t matter…things I can’t control…things that are nothing but a … Continue reading

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“Are you always like this…running around the room..?”

No, I’m not always happy and energetic.  There are days when I wake up and lay in bed for an hour or two, frozen.  A million thoughts swirl around my head, much like autumn leaves on the ground carried by … Continue reading

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Sunday Funday…and a Little Something More

“Rainy” and “cold”.  Since May, these adjectives have been foreign to the people of Nomad Nation.  Welcome to autumns in New Jersey, everybody! Though the crew was small, it was fierce.  The WOD consisted of only two parts: Part 1 … Continue reading

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Always Move Forward (thanks Jon Ralph)

I wrote this piece a while back.  I feel that it’s fitting to repost it here, in Nomad Nation.   “Everything is wrong.” He paces back and forth, straining to focus his thoughts and energy on the task at hand, … Continue reading

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Friday August 10, 2012: Labwork

Sometimes, the best therapy is a quiet gym, a barbell, and good music. Late evening, at CrossFit Hoboken.  Working in the back room, getting stronger, driving demons from my heart and mind, honing my craft. A simple night of back … Continue reading

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Tuesday August 7, 2012: In the Service of Others

“RELAY RACE!” Yes.  Relay race.  Inspired by the Olympics, a relay race was the first part of Sunday’s Nomad WOD!  Here’s the goodness for ya: Part 1 As many laps as possible in 10 minutes: Partner relay race (300 meters) … Continue reading

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