Mike DelaTorre

Mike DelaTorre, otherwise known as Mike D. Track and field coach at Roselle Catholic High School.

USA Track and Field Level 1 Certified Coach. CrossFit Level 1 Certified Coach.

Enjoys: CrossFit, RC Track and Field, Manchester United Football Club, the Seleccao, the Boston Red Sox, Colorado, upstate NY, music of all kinds, and “Every Second Counts”

Vices include but are not limited to: Being vindictive and saying bad words

Favorite lift: Deadlift

Favorite Oly lift: SQUAT CLEAN

Favorite WOD: All

CrossFit Hero(es): James Fitzgerald, Josh Everett, and all the everyday CrossFitters that bust their asses on every single WOD


7 Responses to Mike DelaTorre

  1. RocketScientist9000 says:

    The Dog Whisperer is an awesome show!

  2. millhaa says:

    mike is a fatty!! that sounds like an epic day at ihop

  3. Mike D says:

    I also ate half a peach pie on Mother’s Day.

    BSTA, I do not recommend this.

  4. toni says:

    you should add your quote/soon to be tatoo, i believe it sums you up in one sentence. =) hahahah

  5. Milhaaa says:

    united will once again be world champs only a matter of time sir

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