John Miller

John Miller, otherwise known as Milhaaaaa or something like that, is a part time supervisor at Globo and full time film student at Kean University.

Certified in Jean-Claude Van Damme’s school of poetry.

Obsessed with: Manchester United, Film, Dallas Cowboys, Basketball, CrossFit, and long quiet strolls on the beach.

Vices: Sleep, Bacon (no not of the Kevin variety), Guinness, and secretly liking Avril Lavigne too (but not enough to sing it out loud whilst CrossFitting).

Favorite Lift: Bicep Curl….kidding…Push Press

Favorite Oly Lift: Work in Progress

Favorite WOD: Any Metcon, that pukie feeling is wonderful…

Random Fun Fact: John Miller is waiting for the day he can finally defeat Juan the Cyborg in WOD battle.


1 Response to John Miller

  1. Milhaaaa says:

    I do enjoy my dippysits but sleepytimes are still my fav

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