Juan Gomez

Juan Carlos Gomez, otherwise known as the Rocket Scientist (or Carlos if you’re related to me).

Former control systems engineer for Thermo Systems L.L.C.

Current part time floor/front counter attendant for Fit for Life Fitness Center in Cranford NJ, affectionately known by its employees as FML.

Bachelor’s degree in mechanical and aerospace engineering from Rutgers University.

Currently accepted and enrolled in Cornell’s aerospace engineering PhD program. Will start grad school in August.

Obsessed with: CrossFit, soccer, Latin dancing, New Jersey Devils, video games, Music, Tattoos, Cartoons (such as Futurama, Family Guy and Samurai Jack), anime, manga, reading, finding an alternative to fossil fuels, engineering a ship that can get to Mars and back, developing mathematical models on quantum based faster than light travel, becoming one of the architects of the new age of space exploration.

Vices include but are not limited to: SleepyTimes, procrastination, pretty girls, Jack & Coke, sometimes being completely oblivious, daydreaming.

Favorite lift: Deadlift

Favorite Oly lift: To Be Determined

Favorite WOD: They all hurt, but probably CFT

Random fun fact: My biggest fear is being normal and boring. I enjoy being on the weird side of things.

Millha and I aren’t certain, but we are also pretty sure that Juan is part cyborg

-Mike D


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