Mike Barreiro

Mike has not only been with BSTA since day one, he is the original creator of the name.

Playing a variety of sports growing up, his favorite became martial arts and he has dabbled in a variety of them over the years.  When he’s not at college, working at the gym or trying to get people together for random adventures, you can find him trying to step up his CrossFit game or hanging out at Barnes and Noble.

“Crossfit is easily the most physically and mentally challenging activity I have ever come across.  There are days that your Body will quit before your Will, and days that your Mind will quit before your Body does.  It’s important to have good people around that will keep you motivated and won’t let you give up.  In the end I feel that’s what CrossFit is all about: pushing your self to the limit and not giving up.” – Mike B


2 Responses to Mike Barreiro

  1. Millha says:

    That is an awesome quote Mike.

  2. Mike B says:

    Thanks buddy, but the quote is just a reflection of our crew. Its only awesome because our crew is too.

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